Using the Debian alternatives system
update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/emacs21

If you wish to change your mind, and use vim in the future you merely need to run:

update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim

This will cause vim to be executed whenever you run "editor".

For example you can see which "real" program will be executed for a given name:

skx@lappy:~$ update-alternatives --list x-www-browser

This shows us that executing the command "x-www-browser" will end up executing mozilla-firefox, on your machine something completely different could be executed!


Microsoft 的免費軟件開發工具 - Real-Blog
Microsoft 的免費軟件開發工具

Microsoft 開始一項名為 DreamSpark 的活動,內容是讓學生可以免費用微軟的軟件開發工具。一套完整的 .net 開發平始十分昂貴,要購買這類昂貴的商業軟件才可以學習一門技術,那已經對入門已經加上一重障礙,這項舉動無疑可以讓學生更早接觸微軟的開發工具。

如果你是全職學生,只要到 DreamSpark 網站登記,那便可以免費下載以下產品:

– Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
– Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
– Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
– Microsoft Expression Studio
– Game Studio 2.0
– Creators Club Online
– Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
– Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual Web 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual J++ 2005 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual PC

Spicebird: a Outlook replacement?


Mozilla Links 正體中文版: 又見鳥類!Spicebird 0.4 初探
又 見鳥類!Spicebird 0.4 初探 由 alicekey 於 10:30 下午 張貼,標籤: 衍生產品 Synovel Techologies 推出了 Spicebird 0.4,這是一個以 Mozilla 核心為主的個人資訊管理軟體。他整合了 Thunderbird、Lightning 和 XMPP 等相關軟體在一套產品上,可以用來傳遞信件、安排行事曆、即時通訊以及其他的通訊工具。就如同幾週前釋出的資訊,它加入了一些整合性的功能在主要元件的上 方,希望成為一個更有效率的資訊工具。 Home 是一個類似主控台的環境,你可以自行加入現有的五種小元件:郵件 (Mail),有著簡單預覽訊息視窗;網頁訂閱 (Web feeds),條列式的訂閱項目,當你滑鼠移到上方時會出現完整的內容;待辦事項 (Agenda),可以預先檢視即將到來的工作事項;行事曆 (Calendar),會將當月所安排的事件顯示出來;還有日期與時間 (Date & Time),你可以加入多個時鐘,看不同城市的時間。 Spicebird Home 這些元件的使用方式很有彈性,主控台很類似 iGoogle、Netvibes 跟 PageFlakes 這些整合性網頁。你可以任意加入不同的網頁內容,包含電影時刻表、天氣、漫畫等等。Home 是五個分頁中,會將全部的介面整合在一起的。 收信夾,基本上就是 Thunderbird,可以處理電子郵件、新聞群組、網頁訂閱服務等功能。並且加了一些聰明的小功能在郵件處理上面。例如,信件中如果包含了日期跟時 間,可以讓你很方便的將訊息加到你的行事曆中。還有一個很神奇的特色是,他可以偵測文字中的一些關鍵字像是 at 或是 every (English only,let's talk in English),讓自動新增功能更聰明,更有效率。 Spicebird detecting an event in an email 將即時通訊整合起來,當你用滑鼠右鍵點選一個使用者時,就可以馬上發送訊息給他。在即時通訊的部分,他支援 Jabber 的通訊協定。換句話說,你可以連上 Google Talk。傳送一則訊息,你需要切換到通訊錄的分頁,選擇一個聯絡人,然後按下工具列上的傳送訊息的按鈕。傳送訊息的視窗沒有讓人感到特別驚豔,只有讓你 輸入一些文字訊息,一些表情符號,不能變更文字的格式。 Spicebird IM基本上來說,它真得很 alpha (雖然他被標上beta),而且還有不少地方可以改進,不過可以先體驗一下這套企圖成為資訊整合中心的軟體。 依照 Spicebird 的進度,下次推出的 0.7版應該會加入電子郵件分頁的功能 (Thunderbird 3已經具備了),郵件的匯入/匯出,讓你可以在 Home 分頁中使用的聯絡清單。最終的版本將包含內容資訊管理的整合 (類似 Drupal) 以及一個殺手級應用:Microsoft Exchange 的整合,意謂著讓成千上萬被 Outlook 綁死的使用者又多了一個選擇。 Spicebird 目前僅提供 Windows 跟 Linux 版。 想要知道更進一步的資訊可以參考 Spicebird 0.4 release notes。

USB problems in Linux

Q: Why doesn't USB work at all? I get "device not accepting address".

A: This can be one of several problems:

* High speed devices sometimes have problems with cables used to connect them. They're more sensitive to signal quality issues than older usb 1.1 full or low speed devices. If the device works OK at full speed on the same system, after you "rmmod ehci-hcd", this is likely the problem you're seeing. There are a lot of things you can do to change signal quality.
o Use a different cable. Some are even marketed specifically for use with high speed devices. Most USB 1.1 cables work just fine at high speed, but the one you're using might be an exception (maybe it's been damaged).
o Switch to a different USB connector on your computer. Back panel connectors are often right on the motherboard, with much care taken to preserve signal quality. A front panel connector probably doesn't use cabling designed with USB in mind; and its cable could be damaged by bending, baking or something else even when it's not routed through the power supply.
o Use an external high speed hub. Those hubs have signal conditioning circuitry that may cover up certain flaws.
o Make sure your device is using its own external power supply, or that its battery is fully charged.
You might be able to get the same device to work at high speed on a different machine.
* You may have some problem with your PCI setup that's preventing your USB host controller from getting hardware interrupts. (Current Linux 2.6 kernels will actually tell you when they notice this problem; see the "dmesg" output.) When Linux submits a request, but never hears back from the controller, this is the diagnostic you'll see. To see if this is the problem, look at /proc/interrupts to see if the interrupt count for your host controller driver ever goes up. If it doesn't, this is the problem: either your BIOS isn't telling the truth to Linux (ACPI sometimes confuses these things, or setting the expected OS to windows in your BIOS), or Linux doesn't understand what it's saying.
* Sometimes a BIOS fix will be available for your motherboard, and in other cases a more recent kernel will have a Linux fix. You may be able to work around this by passing the noapic boot option to your kernel, or (when you're using an add-in PCI card) moving the USB adapter to some other PCI slot. If you're using a current kernel and BIOS, report this problem to the Linux-kernel mailing list, with details about your motherboard and BIOS.

Various users have had success with some specific strategy. I've collectioned their notes here.


My rsync backup command line

rsync -rt --stats --delete --modify-window=2 --exclude="data/vpc/" --link-dest=/media/HD-HBU2/`ls /media/HD-HBU2/| grep 200 | tail -n1`/ /media/data /media/HD-HBU2/`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`


USB Problem of VirtualBox in Ubuntu 7.10

sudo mount -vt usbfs none /proc/bus/usb -o devgid=1001,devmode=664

sudo vi /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh
domount usbfs "" /dev/bus/usb/.usbfs -obusmode=0700,devmode=0600,listmode=0644,devgid=1001

UbuntuHelp:VirtualBox - Ubuntu中文

Using a raw host hard disk from a guest in VirtualBox

VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename /media/data/vpc/sdc.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/sdc